Joseph, Lamb nearly close out 2010 class

After the commitments of Brandon Knight to Kentucky and Josh Selby to Kansas, the 2010 class was nearly settled. There are but three impact players whose decisions still lingered: Cory Joseph, C.J. Leslie, and Doron Lamb.

As it stands, two out of three ain't bad. Joseph made his final recruiting decision this weekend, choosing Texas. Lamb, who announced at the Jordan Brand Classic two weeks ago*, will join Knight and international forward Enes Kanter to John Calipari's Kentucky program. (Leslie, the highest-ranked player of the three, has yet to make his decision; he is also considering Kentucky as well as Connecticut and NC State.)

Joseph is a nice get for Texas coach Rick Barnes, who saw a previously undefeated No. 1-ranked Texas team fall prey to inconsistent point guard play in 2009-10. For much of the Longhorns' disastrous slide, Barnes vacillated between defensive stalwart Dogus Balbay and freshman scorer J'Covan Brown. Balbay gave the Longhorns leadership and defense, but without a jump shot, became far too easy to guard on offense. Brown showed flashes of brilliance but couldn't discover a balance between his own scoring and facilitating Texas' other stars. Point guard play wasn't the only reason, but it was a main contributor to the Longhorns' disappointing season.

Joseph is the No. 4-ranked point guard in this year's class, one with a reliable outside shot and an ability to get to the rim. If Joseph can provide some balance to Texas' guard play, he could be just the remedy Rick Barnes needed.

Meanwhile, Doron Lamb, the No. 29-ranked player in 2010, is billed as the best mid-range scorer in the class. Lamb will need to develop an outside shot, but he should complement Knight's penetration quite nicely -- the Eric Bledsoe to Knight's John Wall, even if neither 2010 recruit is quite as good as his predecessor.

In the end, both players landed at very young, talented schools, and it shouldn't take long for them to make their presences felt. And after C.J. Leslie finally makes his decision, the class of 2010 will finally, mercifully be in the books. Hooray.

*Update: I originally wrote that Lamb decided his college last Saturday, when it was in fact at the Jordan Brand Classic two weeks ago. My mistake, guys.