Altman's news conference quite the show

Oregon did its news conference for Dana Altman in style, and it wasn't just the green tie Altman wore.

The event was held inside an unfinished Matthew Knight Arena, where Altman signed a term sheet and reporters signed waivers of liability just in case the hire was so earth-shattering that the house would come down.

But aside from all the symbolism of new beginnings and unfinished projects, the words that echoed inside the arena came when university president Richard Lariviere and search party leader Pat Kilkenny presented the image that they didn't unnecessarily shoot high in the coaches they wanted to interview.

In fact, Kilkenny told KVAL-TV that five national championship coaches "showed interest" and three "would have taken it."

And the other two? Lariviere apparently didn't want them, according to The Register-Guard:

“Not that Pat was promoting a particular person, but a name or two would come up,” Lariviere said. “I think at last count, we had five coaches who have won national championships who were interested in this job. ... There were at least two of them that I would not have allowed to be the coach at the University of Oregon, because they didn’t share the values we were looking for here (in) looking after student-athletes’ academic and personal success.”

Nike Oregon ended up with Altman, who will lead the real show on the court when he debuts with his Ducks team. Maybe substance over style wasn't the intention, but in a bit of an upset, it did win out.