Best wishes for Herb Pope

As you probably already know -- this isn't exactly a scoop -- Herb Pope reportedly collapsed during a workout at Seton Hall Wednesday afternoon. Pope was rushed to the hospital after that collapse, where he is undergoing tests. Little is known about his condition.

A little background honesty here: When I started writing this post, I found myself writing about how this collapse could derail Pope's career. That goes for his immediate shot at the NBA (Pope declared for the draft this season but didn't hire an agent). His draft stock is questionable thanks to scouts' concerns over character issues. This also could affect his potential return to Seton Hall next season under new coach Kevin Willard. Then I came to my senses. Fact is, it's far too early for Pope or anyone else to start worrying about basketball. Hopefully, the big man undergoes some tests, the doctors figure out what happened and get him on the mend, and Pope goes back to his promising basketball career. But none of that is a given, and there really isn't much analysis to do here. It's just a collapsed college kid in the hospital. Basketball barely matters.

So for now, let's limit ourselves to tossing out some positive blog vibes Pope's way. That'll do.