Tournament Challenge: Early title picks, Final Four favorites

With a few hours in the books since the NCAA tournament field was revealed, here's some info about the early brackets entered in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge game:

Total brackets: 1.16 million brackets had been entered as of 10:30 p.m. ET.

Top title picks:

  • Kansas (1-seed): 22.1 percent

  • Michigan State (2-seed): 19.5 percent

  • North Carolina (1-seed): 17.3 percent

  • Oklahoma (2-seed): 6.3 percent

  • Kentucky (4-seed): 5.4 percent

Notably missing from the top five: 1-seed Virginia (4.2 percent); 1-seed Oregon (3.4 percent).

Final Four trends among 1-seeds

Percentage of brackets picking each No. 1 seed for the Final Four:

  • Midwest -- Virginia: 22.8 percent (2-seed Michigan State has more support, at 58 percent of brackets)

  • East -- North Carolina: 50.0 percent (next best: 4-seed Kentucky, 17.6 percent)

  • South -- Kansas: 63.2 percent (next best: 2-seed Villanova, 11.3 percent)

  • West -- Oregon: 21.9 percent (2-seed Oklahoma has more support, at 41.0 percent of brackets)

Upset picks

With the 12-over-5 seeds such a popular upset pick, here are the number of brackets picking each of the 12 seeds in the round of 64:

  • Midwest -- Arkansas-Little Rock (over Purdue): 10.4 percent

  • East -- Chattanooga (over Indiana): 10.5 percent

  • South -- South Dakota State (over Maryland): 11.7 percent

  • West -- Yale (over Baylor): 16.7 percent

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