Tournament Challenge: Nobody's perfect

The last two perfect brackets were busted on Friday when fifth-seeded Maryland defeated 12th-seeded South Dakota State. Twenty-four games into the 2016 NCAA tournament -- halfway through Friday -- there are no longer any perfect brackets remaining out of the approximately 13 million entered in ESPN's Tournament Challenge.

Last year, one bracket (out of 11.57 million) remained perfect after the round of 64, the first time there was a perfect first round in ESPN's Tournament Challenge since at least 2010.

Through the first 24 games of this year’s tournament, 11 lower-seeded teams have won, with the biggest upset being No. 15 seed Middle Tennessee over No. 2 seed Michigan State. Thus, an all-chalk bracket has gone just 13-11, which would rank in the 11th percentile. Last year after the round of 64, an all-chalk bracket netted a 27-5 record, good for the 98.7th percentile.

On the other end of the spectrum (bracket futility), three brackets have tabbed only two correct picks (there are no longer any winless brackets).

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