Cameron Indoor could get a facelift

Cameron Indoor is perfect the way it is. It's charming in its old age, but unlike some old-and-charming sports venues -- Wrigley Field immediately comes to mind -- Cameron is actually in good enough shape that you don't feel gross when you go. There are few better places in the country to watch a college basketball game.

But there's always room for improvement, I guess, and one slightly imperfect thing about Cameron Indoor is its small front admissions area. With its small ticket counters and narrow space from the front door to the actual arena, it feels a little like a high school gym lobby. Which could, in fact, be changing: Duke is considering adding a two-story building to the front of Cameron Indoor Stadium which would serve as a "hospitality space," according to the Sports Business Journal. The space would accommodate both basketball and football crowds.

The building would be part of a larger idea to improve and update Duke's athletic facilities, all of which is preliminary until accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers completes a survey of season-ticket holders, alumni, boosters designed to checked their temperature on the changes. If it goes through, Cameron Indoor will look considerably different than it does right now. Which, while seemingly necessary, is a bit of a bummer. It might not garner as much anger as NCAA tournament expansion, but the theme is the same: Why change something that's already perfect? OK, maybe that analogy doesn't quite work. But you get the idea.