Derrick Caracter, future Navy man?

I did not see this one coming.

Derrick Caracter's NBA dream is currently his No. 1 focus. He left UTEP after his junior year at the school despite his discouraging "second round to undrafted" draft projection, and he has to make a go of it now, because getting in the 2010 NBA draft as an undersized big man with good skills and a legendary distaste for discipline is going to be very difficult work. Almost as difficult as joining the Navy and become a full-time enlisted man. Which, failing a future in professional basketball, is what Caracter wants to do.

Like I said, I did not see this one coming. From Hoopshype:

"If Plan A doesn’t work out, Plan B would be joining the Navy," Caracter said. "I would do something like that. Seriously. I think it would be a great experience. You travel, you train, you can be chillin’ in Japan. You get to see different things and differents parts of the world. That’s something I always wanted to do: travel around the world. See different things, new people, cultures and lifestyles."

I'm not sure being in the Navy quite comes down to travel, training, and "chilling in Japan," but that's certainly a well-assembled pitch. Somewhere, the man at your local Navy recruitment office is beaming. And somewhere, Rick Pitino is tearing his hair out. Oh, so NOW he craves discipline? NOW he wants to train?! Seriously? I give up. Or something like that.

(Hat tip: The Dagger)