UW's Romar will 'move on' from Jones saga

Reaction from a jilted Washington program to Terrence Jones flip-flopping and signing a financial aid agreement with Kentucky varied Thursday from coach Lorenzo Romar's measured response to the outlandish tweets from one Huskies player.

Romar indicated in an interview with 950 KJR that he was set to close the door on the possibility of Jones ever wearing a Huskies jersey (the baseball cap's been done) and that the team would be fine without the highly-regarded forward.

"We have a team of guys coming back that have a culture about it that it’s all about team, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything," Romar said. "That allows me at this point to just say hey, let’s step back from this situation, look at the University of Washington’s program and say you know what, we’re headed in the right direction."

Romar also gave his thoughts on a recruiting process unlike any other he had seen in his career, with Jones dragging out the process to the final day only to sign with Kentucky.

He reiterated that he would not recruit a committed player unless that player reopened his commitment, saying in that scenario he would even give the opposing coach a courtesy call to let the other side know of the changed situation.

"Recruiting is never over until it’s over," Romar said. "If you don’t know you’re winning, you’re losing. Although there were times we felt like we were winning.

"You move on. It’s just more confirmation that in recruiting until something is signed on the dotted and it‘s official, you can’t just bank it."

The subject of Washington potentially playing Kentucky at next season's Maui Invitational was also broached. Romar chuckled at first before listing the teams in the tournament starting with Chaminade and, somewhat hilariously, mentioning Kentucky last.

"I would imagine it would be a pretty good game," Romar said of a possible grudge match game.

Meanwhile, over in Twitterverse, star Washington guard Isaiah Thomas couldn’t resist needling Kentucky fans over that possibility with a flurry of trash-talking tweets.

"I hope we play KENTUCKY nxt yr n the Maui classic," Thomas tweeted. "All I gotta say is ITS BOUT TO GO DOWN...A BARK over a meow ne day."

Thomas tweeted that his tweets were all in good fun, but had no problem tweeting about John Calipari as well just to stir things up:

To be honest BIG BLUE NATION I really don't think ur coach is coming back!! #ImJustSayin... My coach is here 4 10 more YRS hahaha yessssss