John Wall scoops on Calipari

Kentucky fans are looking for every bit of evidence that new and beloved coach John Calipari is going to stay at Kentucky this year. Calipari has been mentioned over and over in NBA rumors this offseason, and his well-known friendship with LeBron James -- not to mention reports of a William Wesley-engineered package deal to that effect -- have stoked those flames. To his credit, Calipari has plainly denied that he is leaving on more than one occasion, and he hasn't left himself any wiggle room in case he has a change of heart.

But hey, you can never be too reassured, and if Kentucky fans needed any more evidence that Calipari is going to stay, well, please allow John Wall to take the mic. From ESPN Chicago's Nick Friedell:

"Coach Cal is a guy that a lot of people want," Wall said Friday afternoon at the NBA draft combine. "A lot of people want him to coach for their teams and things like that, so it is what it is. His dream was to coach at University of Kentucky and he had the opportunity. I feel like he's going to stay there strongly. I feel like being there for one year, he got a good recruiting class this year and a talented recruiting class next year, I see no reason why he would leave. I feel strongly that he's going to stay."

So there you go, Kentucky fans. One more thing to thank Wall for. Sure, the analysis isn't much more than what you'd get from your average college basketball fan -- he's got a good situation now, a good class coming in, and he can wait for more NBA offers down the line, etc. -- but because it comes from Wall himself, it has to mean something more, right?