Stephen Curry prepares the way for Seth

Those of us hoping Seth Curry -- the incoming Duke transfer and younger brother of former Davidson star Stephen Curry -- can be the second coming of Stephen should be forgiven. After all, Stephen Curry delivered one of the greatest individual tournament stretches in the history of the game in 2008, and he did it in an aesthetically thrilling way. Who wouldn't want a second helping? I know I do.

Unfortunately, Seth is not Stephen. How do we know this? Because Stephen told Sporting News as much this weekend:

"People who watch him and watch me would not necessarily think we are brothers. He plays the one and the two, like me, but that's it. Seth is very athletic. That's the big difference between his game and my game — he's not a stand-still shooter; he's not a catch-and-shoot guy. But he can always get his shot. It's just a little more unorthodox. [...] I think a lot of how our styles are different goes back to how we played as kids. I was bigger than he was, so all I had to do was raise up and shoot. That's my game now. But he couldn't just shoot. I'd block his shot. He had to learn to use change-of-direction, stopping and starting, changing speeds, falling away. That's his game now. That goes back to when we were kids."

Curry also mentions that he and his brother still routinely play one-on-one, and that he still routinely beats his younger brother, much to Seth's frustration. On behalf of older brothers who routinely beat their younger brothers in one-on-one everywhere, I salute you, Stephen. No mercy.

Of course, the question isn't whether Seth can beat Stephen, but whether or not his "unorthodox" game will fit in well at Duke in 2010-11. It's hard to say; Duke will also be working in the contribution of point guard Kyrie Irving, and senior Nolan Smith can score and manage from either guard position efficiently. It may be tough for Curry to get much traction in that sort of lineup. It's stacked. But if the younger brother's game is even half of what his older brother's was, well, I have a feeling Seth is going to be just fine.