What the committee got right (and wrong) with the early top 16 seeds

NCAA top seeds will change (2:30)

ESPN's Joe Lunardi isn't counting on the NCAA tournament selection committee's top seeds to stay in place. (2:30)

The NCAA tournament selection committee revealed its current top 16 seeds on Saturday. We presented our top 16 seeds on Friday.

Quick thoughts on the bracket reveal:

  • The four No. 1 seeds are clear unless or until a true ACC leader emerges. Gonzaga should be a little disappointed to be the fourth top seed. Once again, it’s all about quality wins (and not much nuance).

  • As we see on the court, the ACC and Big 12 have earned all kinds of respect. The Big Ten and SEC? Not so much. The Pac-12 was viewed pretty much down the middle (and not overvalued like last year).

  • My two misses -- Butler and Duke, in place of Wisconsin and Cincinnati -- were Nos. 17-18 on my board. For a month out from Selection Sunday, I’ll take it.

  • The Badgers and Bearcats can pretty much ignore the polls the rest of the way. Not enough quality wins for either, apparently.

  • I was a little surprised to hear Creighton mentioned as a “near miss.” The Blue Jays are 2-3 without Maurice Watson Jr.

  • The committee did a decent job adjusting to having their weakest No. 1 (Gonzaga) and weakest No. 2 (Oregon) both in the West, adding Virginia and West Virginia to that region. The overall totals of the true seeds for each region, strongest to weakest, are South (32), Midwest (33), East (35) and West (36). The true seeds are essentially the committee's rankings of all the teams in the field -- so Gonzaga (the fourth No. 1 seed) has a true seed of 4, while Duke (the fourth No. 4 seed) has a true seed of 16, etc.