Lavin needs new business cards, battery life

New St. John's coach Steve Lavin wants to get the message out that he's in town in the nation's largest media market and available to take your call on his iPhone.

And if you don't have his number, he's going to make sure that you do.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

A few days later, when Mr. Lavin's new St. John's business cards came in, the coach wasn't pleased. The issue: His personal cellphone number had been left off. With the help of a student assistant, he wrote it, by hand, on all 300 of the cards.

With the volume of calls Lavin is taking, it's no wonder he's constantly got his phone plugged in and has already gone through three phone chargers.

And Lavin, of course, loves to chat.

Talking to reporters, he barely breaks for a breath between totally free-wheeling paragraphs. He indulges long tangents, scrolling through his iPhone to share pictures of his parents and his wife, and explaining his theory of how to save room-service waffles from sogginess. All of this is peppered with outsized hand gestures and personal questions for others that all say the same thing: Mr. Lavin doesn't have a filter.