College production and the NBA draft

College basketball nation blogger Eamonn Brennan takes a look at the difference between a fan's perception of top picks and actual NBA draft projections.

Al-Farouq Aminu at No. 5? Ed Davis at No. 7? Daniel Orton at No. 13? Really?

There's something funky about the NBA draft for college hoops people: The ordered talent on draft boards only occasionally resembles what we saw throughout a given college hoops season. This isn't hard to explain. NBA scouts and general managers factor in more than just college production when they're looking at prospects; scouts also look at what the team needs, how a player meshes with his teammates, the player's raw athleticism, and whether Joe X will be considerably better in five years than he was during his college days. This concept is called "potential." You may be vaguely familiar with it.

Brennan breaks down his "based solely on production" mock NBA draft -- the first 14 picks, anyway.