Tournament Challenge: With first round in books, 164 perfect brackets left

Out of 18,797,085, only 164 brackets remain perfect in the Tourney Challenge through the first round of the 2017 NCAA tournament, and 4,524 missed only one game. On the flip side, no one missed every game, but two brackets only had one right.

Here's a look at game-by-game results from Friday:

No. 3 Baylor defeats No. 14 New Mexico State

  • Baylor was picked in 88 percent of brackets to advance past New Mexico State.

  • 53 percent have the Bears going to the Sweet 16 and 14 percent to the Elite Eight.

  • Baylor will play No. 11 USC.

  • Baylor was picked to win in 80 percent of brackets against USC.

No. 11 USC defeats No. 6 SMU

  • This was chosen in only 18.28 percent of brackets.

  • SMU was an Elite Eight team for 9.51 percent of entries.

  • USC was chosen to make the Sweet 16 in only 4.7 percent of brackets.

  • The Trojans will face Baylor next.

  • USC was picked to defeat Baylor in 20 percent of brackets.

No. 2 Duke defeats No. 15 Troy

  • 95.5 percent of brackets had perennial powerhouse Duke beating Troy.

  • And a relatively healthy 38.9 percent of brackets have Duke making it all the way to the Final Four.

No. 7 South Carolina defeats No. 10 Marquette

  • South Carolina was one of the rare higher seeds to have fewer than half of the brackets predicting a Gamecocks victory (44.1 percent).

  • In fact, only 3.5 percent of total brackets have South Carolina beating Duke in the second round.

No. 1 Kansas defeats No. 16 UC Davis

  • This lopsided victory was predicted by 96.6 percent of brackets.

  • Kansas is a favorite pick to go all the way, as 22.6 percent of brackets have Kansas in the championship game.

  • Even though Kansas meets Tom Izzo and Michigan State in the second round, the brackets remain in Kansas' favor with 43.2 percent of all entries predicting a Kansas victory over Michigan State.

No. 9 Michigan State defeats No. 8 Miami

  • Most brackets didn't consider this an upset, either, with 51.4 percent predicting a Spartans win.

  • It might have been a popular choice to make it to the second round, but Michigan State was picked to head to the Sweet 16 by only 7.2 percent of brackets.

  • That could have to do with a date with Kansas in the second round. While 49.5 percent correctly picked Michigan State to meet Kansas in Round 2, only 6.3 percent of all brackets have the Spartans taking down the Jayhawks.

No. 3 Oregon defeats No. 14 Iona

  • Oregon was chosen to defeat Iona in 92.5 percent of brackets.

  • 70 percent see the Ducks in the Sweet 16; 29 percent see them in the Elite Eight; 11 percent in the Final Four.

  • Oregon will face Rhode Island in the next round.

  • Oregon vs. Creighton was picked in 56 percent of brackets. 77 percent of those brackets see Oregon advancing.

  • Oregon vs. Rhode Island was picked in 36.1 percent of brackets. 75 percent of those see Oregon winning.

No. 11 Rhode Island defeats No. 6 Creighton

  • Rhode Island was one of the more popular upset picks, with 39.6 percent of brackets taking the Rams.

  • 10.9 percent of brackets have Rhode Island making the Sweet 16.

  • The Rams will face No. 3 seed Oregon in the Round of 32.

  • This particular matchup was picked in 36 percent of brackets.

  • 24.5 percent with that matchup have URI advancing.

No. 2 Louisville defeats No. 15 Jacksonville State

  • Louisville was picked in 95 percent of brackets to beat Jacksonville State.

  • 69 percent of brackets have the Cardinals advancing to Sweet 16, 47.2 percent to the Elite Eight and 19.8 to the Final Four.

  • Louisville faces No. 7 Michigan next.

  • 70 percent of entries had Louisville facing Michigan in the secnd round.

  • 69 percent of brackets have Louisville winning that matchup.

No. 7 Michigan defeats No. 10 Oklahoma State

  • Michigan was chosen to advance past Oklahoma State in 73 percent of brackets.

  • 24 percent of brackets had the Wolverines reaching the Sweet 16.

  • Michigan will play Louisville (70 percent of entries had this). 31 percent of brackets see Michigan upsetting the Cardinals.

No. 1 UNC defeats No. 16 Texas Southern

  • A No. 16 has never beaten a No. 1 seed, and 96.4 percent had No. 1 UNC moving on.

  • 47.9 percent of brackets have UNC meeting Arkansas in the second round, but only 2.8 percent of total brackets predict the Razorbacks can spring the upset on the Tar Heels.

No. 8 Arkansas defeats No. 9 Seton Hall

  • Arkansas was picked in 49.5 percent of brackets to defeat Seton Hall, so this was a slight upset.

  • Only 3.7 percent of brackets had the Razorbacks advancing to the Sweet 16.

  • They will play North Carolina next.

No. 3 UCLA defeats No. 14 Kent State

  • UCLA was nearly as popular as most No. 1 seeds to advance, with 94.4 percent of brackets picking the Bruins.

  • Also, 79.4 percent of brackets have UCLA making it to the Sweet 16.

  • And confidence remains relatively high for an Elite Eight appearance, with 42.1 percent of brackets predicting that for the Bruins, despite a possible matchup with No. 2 Kentucky in the Sweet 16.

No. 6 Cincinnati defeats No. 11 Kansas State

  • Brackets felt good about Cincinnati getting past KSU at 74.6 percent.

  • But that's where the confidence in the Bearcats ends, as only 14.4 percent predict a Sweet 16 berth.

No. 2 Kentucky defeats No. 15 Northern Kentucky

  • Very few thought Kentucky would have trouble advancing, with better than 95.8 percent picking the Wildcats.

  • And Kentucky is still a relatively popular pick to make it to the Final Four, with 21.7 percent predicting so.

  • Half of the entries predicted a Wichita State-Kentucky second-round matchup and a Kentucky victory.

No. 10 Wichita State defeats No. 7 Dayton

  • While an upset by the seeds, this was not an upset by contestant standards: 65.3 percent of brackets had Wichita State advancing.

  • Only 13.8 percent of brackets have Wichita State making the Sweet 16.

  • The Shockers meeting Kentucky in the Round of 32 was predicted in 62.8 of brackets.

  • But the second round is as far as most predict Wichita State will go. Only 12.5 percent of total entries have Wichita State beating Kentucky in the second round.