Nebraska AD wants to limit AAU influence

Nebraska's Tom Osborne recently proposed at the Big 12 athletic director meetings that the conference support legislation to end the summer evaluation period, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

But wouldn't doing so would keep college coaches from being able to go out and see recruits play during those big-time AAU tournaments revolving around the summer period? Yeah, that's Osborne's point.

The reasoning, Osborne said Thursday, is to limit the impact that AAU coaches have on prospective recruits and return high school coaches to the role of primary handlers.

“The summer recruiting really plays into the hands of the AAU guys,'' he said. “And so many of them are in league with the shoe companies. That's where a lot of the unseemly stuff gets going.''

So what was the response from his Big 12 colleagues on such a move?

“There are some people who seem to be agreeable,'' Osborne said. “And some, when they heard it, kind of looked at the floor.''

Best of luck getting coaches to agree to having less time to evaluate recruits.

Consider that according to the Arizona Daily Star, the Pac-10 has proposed NCAA legislation that would allow coaches even more time to check out AAU events during what currently is only a contact period in April.

UCLA coach Ben Howland is a staunch supporter of changing the current restriction, which he recently said was a "poorly thought-out rule."

"I hope we'll be able to get that rule changed back," he said.