Mizzou recruit on grade probe report: 'LOL'

Top Missouri recruit Tony Mitchell, ESPNU's No. 24-ranked player, is the subject of a Dallas school district investigation into his academic status and his eligibility to play for the Tigers could be jeopardized, according to a WFAA-TV report.

But the 6-foot-8 Mitchell on Facebook responded to the report with messages to the Kansas City Star and status updates in which he laughed off the idea that he would not be able to enroll at Missouri.

"LOL (laughing out loud)," Mitchell replied when asked whether the report meant he could not attend MU. "Naw. I will definitely be at Mizzou. Later on though."

Later on, Mitchell elaborated: "Later On in The summer."


"Just Finding Out," he posted on his public Facebook wall. "Haters These Days.

"LOL Thanks Everyone Who Believes In Me And Is Supportive.

"I will be At mizzou bottom Line They Just Tried To Come At Me In A Wrong Way Without All The Facts But That's How the Media Is."

Of course, it would be no laughing matter for Mitchell if indeed WFAA's report and the subsequent school district investigation did prevent him from arriving at Missouri on time or even losing eligibility to play altogether.

Coach Mike Anderson declined comment to the Kansas City Star, which also reported Mitchell still has yet to achieve a qualifying college entrance examination score.

For now, we have this to chew on from the WFAA report on how the station's sources describe Mitchell's climb up the academic ladder, and it doesn't look good at all.

Sources tell News 8 that 14 of the high school credits Mitchell brought with him from the Miami school were not transferable at Pinkston High School. But last November, Principal Norma Villegas let Mitchell quickly make up the credits.

Sources said he took the equivalent of nine course make-up exams in two days -- five of them over a two-hour period.

Mitchell passed every test, and -- in just a matter of hours -- went from being a freshman at Pinkston to qualifying as a senior.