Calipari earns some good press

It hasn't been the best week for John Calipari. The New York Times' report on the NCAA's investigation into Eric Bledsoe's collegiate eligibility -- including possible discrepancies in his transcripts, among other unsavory possibilities -- has, for better or worse, gotten everybody talking about Kentucky's newest coach again.

That didn't take long, either. Thanks to the LeBron sweepstakes, Calipari has been in the headlines for much of the offseason. His ability to stay in the conversation, whether intentional or not, is pretty otherworldly.

But there was some good news for Calipari's defenders this week. According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Calipari and his wife donated $1 million to Streets Ministries, a charity that works to help underprivileged children in Memphis.

It's not a major story, to be sure, but it is interesting for a couple of reasons. One: People who genuinely dislike Calipari as a basketball coach have to admit that all in all, he's not a bad guy, nor has he ever really seemed like a bad guy. This sort of thing exemplifies that. Two: Memphis fans who can't stand Calipari -- the coach left the program just as it was suffering its run-in with the NCAA, so that's pretty much all of them -- have to soften at least a little bit with this, right?

At the very least, it should earn Calipari some good press, and maybe some good karma, as he deals with the blossoming Bledsoe story. Most importantly, it's just a really nice thing to do.