Tournament Challenge: Not much love for Xavier

As of 10 p.m. ET, there are 2.1 million entries for ESPN’s Tournament Challenge. Of that number, 1.1 million brackets have been filled out. Many more will be filled out by Thursday's tipoffs (last year had more than 18.9 million brackets completed), but the percentages regarding who the country is picking in each matchup will largely stay the same.

With that in mind, here are some interesting takeaways:

  • The most popular team to win the national title is Virginia at 35.4 percent. Among the other No. 1 seeds, Villanova is at 8.5 percent, Kansas 5.8 percent and Xavier 2.1 percent.

  • America believes the following teams have a better shot of winning the national title than No. 1 seed Xavier: No. 2 Duke (6.8 percent), No. 2 UNC (4.9 percent), No. 3 Michigan State (4.4 percent), No. 4 Arizona (2.7 percent) and No. 3 Michigan (2.4 percent).

  • Only 5 percent of brackets have No. 1 seed Xavier reaching the championship game. In contrast: Virginia is there in 45.8 percent, Villanova in 39.4 percent and Kansas in 11.5 percent.

  • No. 12 seeds are typically a popular upset pick to beat a No. 5 seed. This year, 15.3 percent have picked No. 12 New Mexico State over No. 5 Clemson, and 13.5 percent have No. 12 South Dakota State beating No. 5 Ohio State.

  • 37.6 percent of entries have No. 9 Alabama beating No. 8 Virginia Tech. No. 9 NC State isn’t far behind, at 36.5 percent against No. 8 Seton Hall.

  • The most popular national title game combination is No. 1 Virginia vs. No. 1 Villanova, with 30.7 percent of brackets having this matchup.

  • A pair of No. 10 seeds are getting some early love. No. 10 Butler, picked to reach the Sweet 16 in 7.7 percent of brackets and the Elite 8 in 3.4 percent of brackets, and No. 10 Texas at 8.9 percent Sweet 16, 3.1 percent Elite 8

  • Is this the year a No. 16 beats a No. 1? Just for fun … America thinks the best chance belongs to Penn against Kansas (1.99 percent believe it will happen).