Tom Crean talks Izzo, Indiana

Would Tom Crean be interested in the Michigan State job? That was the question asked by a few of us Internet types the other day. After all, Crean is one of Michigan State coach Tom Izzo's most respected former assistants. The Michigan State job is a big gig stocked with loads of talent. And the rebuilding project at Indiana has proved challenging thus far. It's not entirely impossible to imagine Crean, or any other coach in his position, thinking long and hard about heading north to Michigan State and making the switch. Far-fetched? Sure. Impossible? No.

Naturally, Crean caught wind of this hypothetical discussion, so he went to the nuclear Internet option: Video blog!

Recording from his office in Bloomington, Ind., Crean put to rest any discussion about the Michigan State job. He said he had been talking to Izzo about his decision, but that those conversations were private and "between our families." He also said words that should keep Indiana fans happy amid the coaching carousel chatter:

"I'm at Indiana," Crean said. "It doesn't make any difference what job opens in the country. When you take a job like Indiana you take it because it's one of the great jobs in all of sports.

"This is one of those destination places that most people never even dream about getting," he said. "And I was one of those people. Indiana is exactly the place where we're going to continue to work and build."

Pretty unequivocal. Then again, it's not as though Crean needed to work too hard to shoot down this type of speculation. The Michigan State job hasn't even opened up yet; Izzo could still stay, after all. And the idea of a coach leaving a Big Ten school to go to another Big Ten school -- no matter the situation -- seems a little half-baked.

In any case, consider the speculation moot. That was easy.