LeBron likes Tom Izzo. OK then?

This is where we are in the Tom Izzo madness right now: We're waiting for Izzo to announce his decision, an appointment originally by the media for Izzo for Saturday before that date was then delayed and rescheduled for Monday. Indirectly, Izzo made an announcement of an announcement. And then the media made an announcement of an announcement of a rescheduled announcement.

If that seems confusing, be glad you're not the only one. And it gets worse: Sunday night's news centered on a Cleveland Plain-Dealer report that LeBron James would in fact endorse Izzo's hiring by the Cavaliers.

Yay for Cavs fans, right? Maybe, maybe not. To wit:

The Plain Dealer, quoting what it termed a "high-level source," said James would "100 percent" endorse Izzo's hiring.

It remains to be seen what impact that sentiment will have on Izzo's decision, given that Izzo's hesitation in accepting Cleveland's five-year, $30 million offer is believed to stem mostly from the fact that James becomes a free agent July 1 and has given the franchise no known indication that he intends to re-sign.

Izzo is apparently still trying to speak directly to James, according to Lansing (Mich.) television station WLNS, but that had not happened as of Sunday night.

So Tom Izzo is thinking about taking a job. This job is a very good one, provided LeBron James is planning on staying in Cleveland. If LeBron doesn't stay in Cleveland, the benefits of said job basically amount to "more money, new challenges."

But no one knows what LeBron James is going to do. The media doesn't. The Cavaliers don't. And Izzo, the one man who most desperately needs a read on LeBron's situation, can't even get the man to pick up his phone.

At what point do you look at all of this and decide that it's too risky? Cleveland doesn't want to wait until James becomes a free agent to hire their new coach; they want that coach to be part of the sales pitch they design to keep LeBron in town. But if you're Izzo, do you really want to take that chance? Especially when the best indication you can get on your potential star's feelings about you is an anonymously sourced report in the local newspaper? That's an awful lot of risk, right?