All quiet on the Izzo front

Tom Izzo news has lived side-by-side with conference realignment -- at least in this blogger's brain -- for the past two weeks. But as conference realignment skids to a halt with minimal damage done to the hoops landscape, the news out of East Lansing regarding Izzo's impending decision on whether to join the Cleveland Cavaliers appears to have petered out. If Tom Izzo was a submarine, he'd have just gone quiet.

Of course, there was the brief non-news news Monday, in which Izzo denied a young camper's unwelcome question:

Izzo was at his basketball camp Monday when a boy tried to get the scoop, inquiring about the coach's interest in jumping to the NBA. "Bad question," Izzo said. "Those guys up there want to know that."

And then there was Tuesday, when ... nothing much happened at all. Izzo is back at his camp today with fewer media in tow. Andy Katz is reporting that Michigan State has no plans for a news conference today or, well, ever, at least to this point. Michigan State vice president of university relations Terry Denbow said Izzo is not on a deadline, according to the Detroit News. There's simply nothing going on.

Which could mean nothing. Or it could mean everything. It could mean Izzo is ready to leave all this Cavaliers talk behind. It could mean he's finished. More likely is that Izzo is still mulling over the offer and -- most importantly -- still trying to get a read on LeBron James' feelings before leaving behind his coach-for-life security and national title chances for a new NBA challenge. That's pretty much where Izzo was before the week began; the only difference is the lack of conflicting reports about announcements that may or may not ever happen.

So, for now, Tom Izzo is coaching basketball camp. Just don't ask him about his plans. Unless you particularly enjoy windsprints.