Profane tirade helped Gonzo lose his job?

Former Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez has proved time and again that he's not the most self-aware chap in the world. His recent interview with the (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger -- in which he blamed the administrators at Seton Hall for a knee-jerk reaction to media criticism of his program, when that criticism had far less to do with Gonzalez's reputation than the man's own behavior -- proved as much.

But there's more. Court documents obtained by SNY.tv's Adam Zagoria Tuesday show that Gonzalez directed a profanity-laced tirade at Pat Hobbs, dean of the Seton Hall School of Law and overseer of the men's basketball program, when Hobbs called to ask Gonzalez about a previous profanity-laced tirade directed at a Bergen Record reporter. Profane tirades everywhere! Weeee!

Gonzalez's response to Hobbs' call? Not good:

"Nobody's gonna tell me how to run my motherf---ing program. Not you, not Monsignor, not Joe Quinlan. This is my f---ing program. My f---ing program," Gonzalez screamed, according to the counterclaim filed Tuesday by Seton Hall in response to Gonzalez's April lawsuit.

Hey, aspiring young professionals? A bit of free advice from your intrepid hoops blogger: Cussing out your boss is never a good idea. And now you know.

Of course, being part of Seton Hall's counterclaim, the record of the phone conversation is subject to debate. But it's damning for Gonzalez. The coach has always had the reputation for prickly, defensive behavior, a reputation codified by a March 8 New York Times report that recounted Gonzalez's demeanor at Manhattan, the job he held before he took the Pirates' position.

Whether this is damning for Gonzalez in court, where he is seeking portions of his salary denied to him by the university's decision to terminate him with cause, is another matter. Obviously, that will be decided in court.

But in the public record? Among other athletic directors and college presidents? You know, the place Gonzalez will one day try to rehabilitate his reputation and seek another coaching position? Um, yeah. Not good.