Santa Clara: Stop texting while driving

You've heard of Coaches vs. Cancer? Santa Clara coach Kerry Keating is coming out against texting while driving, issuing a challenge to the college basketball coaching community on YouTube to join his "hands-free initiative."

Keating, who texts as much as anyone, was inspired by Oprah's campaign against distracted driving and the birth of his first child in April to see things a little differently.

"We are extremely busy in July traveling and recruiting, so time is of the essence to encourage safer driving this summer," Keating said in a statement. "Texting has become the primary mode of communication in gyms while recruiting and unfortunately texting sometimes can carry over outside the gym and into the car. Driving while texting is proving to be worse than driving while intoxicated. I hope that the coaches will take this unique opportunity to lead by example."

Texting while driving is banned in California, among other states, and Keating is asking coaches to "do the right thing."

As part of the initiative, San Francisco-based company Jawbone is offering discounted Bluetooth headsets and free shipping to coaches.