MSU's grassroots campaign to keep Izzo

During the Cleveland Cavaliers' courtship of Tom Izzo, the Michigan State community certainly didn't sit by idly. It came together and sent the coach a message that could be seen from local sidewalks to cyberspace.

Ryan Corazza has a look at how the campaign to keep Izzo in East Lansing turned into quite the lovefest:

This past Thursday, Camron Gnass, owner of the Lansing-based advertising firm Traction and Michigan State fan, bought the domain name "We Love Izzo."

"I bought keepizzo.com, as well," said Gnass in a phone interview Wednesday afternoon. "But I thought the message of pressuring him to stay wasn't fair and is pretty dismissive. So instead of pressuring him, I thought, 'Let's just create a platform where people can share what it is they love about him.'"

And share they did.

In 48 hours, more than 4,000 messages of support were posted from places as far away as Hawaii and China, Gnass said. He also said the site had more than 15,000 visitors in a 12-hour span Sunday, and it now has about 5,000 messages in total.

Fans also took their "We Love Izzo" signs to the streets and strategically planted them along Izzo's drive to work just to make sure he knew how they felt.

"From the capitol all the way to Okemos, and from I-69 all the way to campus -- to the Breslin Center," fan Jason Keusch told WILX-TV.

"Everyone was talking about what Izzo was going to do, and no one was talking about what we we're going to do to make sure he understands where we stand."

And at the end of the day, it was plenty to make a coach feel wanted.