Globetrotters draft Mark Titus, future author?

Ohio State walk-on and blogger extraordinaire Mark Titus was "drafted" by the Harlem Globetrotters today, prompting this reaction from him:

"Dreams do come true," Titus tweeted.

Getting drafted by the Globetrotters amounts to receiving an invitation to the team's fall tryout camp, but consider it a step up for Titus one year after he declared for the NBA draft and was essentially "told to go away."

Not that Titus doesn't have options, of course. CNBC's Darren Rovell reports that the 6-foot-4 guard is pitching a memoir to publishers about his Ohio State years that is tentatively titled, "Don't Put Me In Coach."

"I've also practiced with that bucket when people think it has water and it really has confetti," Titus joked, referencing the familiar Globetrotter trick. "I'm really good at that."

The Globetrotters also drafted Montana's Anthony Johnson, the hero of the Big Sky tournament who had only continued his college career at his wife's urging. The Globetrotters went ahead and drafted Johnson's wife, Shaunte Nance-Johnson, as well.

"When (the Globetrotters) contacted us, Anthony and I both thought we were getting punked," Nance-Johnson said. “When he finally convinced us he was serious, we were just overwhelmed. We’re just so thankful that we continue to have these opportunities show up at our doorstep."

But Johnson, who poured in 42 points in the Big Sky title game, is for now prioritizing NBA workouts and a possible career overseas over becoming on-the-court teammates with his wife.

The show -- in this case, the Globetrotters -- will have to wait.