ACC coaches against transfer rule

Marcus Thornton, the state of Georgia's Mr. Basketball, signed with Clemson only to see his coach leave for another job. He ended up with Georgia in the SEC.

Kevin Noreen, the state of Minnesota's Mr. Basketball, signed with Boston College only to see his coach get fired. He ended up with West Virginia in the Big East.

Opportunities were available for both players to sign with ACC schools after receiving their releases. But as the Fayetteville Observer notes, an ACC policy requiring a player sit out a year and also lose a year of eligibility (barring a waiver) for a transfer within the conference undoubtedly had some effect on each of their decisions.

ACC coaches like Duke's Mike Krzyzewski and North Carolina's Roy Williams aren't fans of the rule, according to the report:

"Nothing against our conference," Krzyzewski said, "but if we say that a kid signs with a school, he doesn't sign (with a school). He's developed a relationship with a coaching staff. And the other thing is that (the kids) should be given the opportunity to do what they want."


North Carolina coach Roy Williams believes the ACC policy may have good intentions, designed to prevent intra-conference tampering with recruits. But Williams believes the impact of the rule ultimately hurts the conference."If there's a coaching change, like we're talking about at BC or Clemson, and those schools give the kid a release, then a release ought to be a release." Williams said. "And I think we're hurting our league by saying, 'Here are two or three very good players, but we don't want you in the ACC.' That doesn't make sense to me."