Isiah Thomas still wants to be an NBA GM

Isiah Thomas got a fresh start when he decided to take the Florida International coaching job last year, though the luster of the big-name hiring might have worn off after the Golden Panthers went 7-25 in his first season.

It's not inconceivable -- and maybe even more likely than not -- that Thomas will at some point try returning to the NBA, where his tumultuous time as the Knicks president of basketball operations and their coach was so well-documented.

Thomas told the Detroit Free Press that if he were to leave the college ranks, it would be to become an NBA general manager.

"If I left college, I would only go back into the NBA as a general manager," Thomas said. "I think that's where my skill is -- the evaluation of talent, putting teams together. That's what I'm good at.

"Coaching? The jury is still out. I coached five years in the NBA and had three winning seasons in Indiana, went to the playoffs every year, and two losing seasons in New York."

Certainly an NBA great like Thomas has every right to discuss his future aspirations in the league, and it'll be interesting as time goes on at FIU to see how he adjusts to coaching the college game.

Will Thomas be happy with merely putting teams together for FIU? Is the school OK with being seen as a stepping stone for Thomas? If the losing seasons continue, the answers might come sooner than later.