Terrence Jones supports LeBron James

LeBron James turning "The Decision" into a media spectacle was really a not-so-unfamiliar sight to college basketball observers. After all, by now we're immune to watching high school kids stroke their own egos and drum up their own level of excitement by holding press conferences announcing their college commitments. For a pro to do something similar was almost like witnessing evolution.

Terrence Jones, Kentucky's incoming freshman sensation, is somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to these kinds of press conferences -- if only in the sense that in front of a packed gym and thousands of Internet viewers he put on a Washington ballcap and ultimately signed with another school. (Even Cleveland wasn't put through anything like that.)

Given that Jones like James made the pressure-packed and controversial decision to leave home in order to join a team of blue-chip players, it should not be surprising then that Jones expressed in a recent tweet that he wholeheartedly supported James.

Shoutout to lebron for making the decision he wanted and not caring about what the haters would say

The parallels in the two situations don't appear to be lost on Jones, but he deftly doesn't specifically mention himself in the tweet. And maybe it's for the best. James received stinging criticism for The Decision, and Jones got his fair share as well during the process.

In any case, the season is coming soon, with Jones already set to debut in a Kentucky uniform during exhibitions in Canada next month. That's when, thankfully, his game will be able to do the talking rather than his spring of indecision.