Tales from the road -- rainbow sneakers

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- Nike has gone Carrie Bradshaw.

As the Sex and the City fashionista knows and apparently the sneaker giant has learned, a pop of color in one’s shoes is a way to enliven an otherwise dreary outfit.

Here at Peach Jam, sneakers have gone Technicolor, from neon Kelly green to bright blue and all the way to hot pink (or is it fuchsia, Oregon State coach Craig Robinson opined?).

Funky-colored kicks are nothing new but here’s the new Nike twist -- the shoes don’t match the uniforms.

Gasp! How daring!

The Howard Pulley Panthers, the hometown team from North Augusta, sported the pink sneakers with blue uniforms; the St. Louis Eagles intentionally unmatched their dark blue unis with the bright green shoes (somewhere, Mike Brey ought to be taking mental notes for his Irish) and the Oakland Soldiers paired the bright blue footwear with dark gray uniforms that included some camoflauge design.

It sounds silly … and it is …

But for coaches deep into their second week of recruiting, the sneakers are an eye opener for otherwise glazed-over eyes and something to talk about.

“If a college team does it,’’ Robinson said, “then we’ll know they’re on to something.’’