Tell us how you really feel about Rick Pitino

The Karen Sypher trial clearly could become an ugly public relations event for Rick Pitino, and when some potential jurors in the case got a chance this week to express their feelings on the Louisville coach, they didn't hold back.

The point of the 63 questions asked of the jury pool was to discover any potential biases they might have related to the case, and some -- possibly trying to get out of serving on the jury -- chose to treat their written responses as if posting them to an internet message board.

While one called Pitino "a very good basketball coach," another called him "a pig." One wrote that from what he heard about the case from others, Pitino is "a scumbag." Of course, Sypher was called plenty of not-so-nice terms as well.

According to WLKY.com, one potential juror did show off some college basketball knowledge, alluding to Louisville's game at West Virginia this season when students taunted Pitino.

Question 37: What kinds of things have you heard people in the community say about this case concerning Karen Cunagin Sypher or Rick Pitino?

Juror 62: A friend told me that during an away game, people were chanting 'Sypher' ...