NCAA denies Derrick Roland's appeal

The college career of Texas A&M guard Derrick Roland was officially ended Friday with the NCAA denying the senior's appeal for a partial year of eligibility. It's a tough blow, but the final image of Roland's playing career with the Aggies will be of him suffering a gruesome compound fracture of his lower right leg in a game last December against Washington.

"I am disappointed to hear the news that Derrick Roland would not be given back this past year here at Texas A&M," coach Mark Turgeon said in a statement. "We knew it was a hard and fast rule and the appeal would be a long shot, but we wanted to make the effort on D-Ro's behalf."

Roland is expected to pursue a professional career after having resumed practicing with the team just in case he could play next season.

But his case was hurt by the simple fact that it was during the 12th game of the season when he suffered the injury -- one that shocked the college basketball community.

"I appreciate all that Coach Turgeon and Texas A&M have done for me," Roland said in a statement. "Not only with this appeal, but for my career and for helping me to grow into the man I am today. I would have loved to come back for even half of a season, but it did not work out."