Old basketball is better than no basketball

Maybe you watched the Peach Jam final on Thursday evening. Maybe not. If you did, it's probably because you're like me, a basketball junkie stuck in the midst of a hoops-less summer with nowhere to get the roundball fix that sustains us for so many cold, weary months.

How else to pass the hours? You've had to do things -- unspeakable things -- like "turn off your TV," go outside," "walk your dog," "spend time with other people" and "watch the NBA summer league." Shudder.

Fortunately, a hoops reservoir exists in this vast desert: CBS College Sports is replaying the entire 2010 NCAA tournament on its network this week, starting today. Woo for basketball on TV! Woo!

This means a couple of things. For one, it's basketball, so it's awesome, even if you've seen it before. Second, you'll know which games were good and which games weren't, so you can sift through the best of the NCAA tournament at will. And third, you'll get to relive Xavier-Kansas State, the game of the year and the one most worthy of intense retrospective scrutiny (provided in convenient and fascinating fashion by Sports Illustrated's Luke Winn here).

The only thing better would be new, as-yet-unseen hoops. But like a broke smoker reaching into the ashtray for that last hit of nicotine, when you're this desperate, anything counts.

(Hat tip: Mike Miller)