Mason Plumlee is good at jumping

There are plenty of reasons to be bullish about Duke's chances of repeating its NCAA glory in 2010-11 -- the returns of Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith, the injection of Kyrie Irving, the up-tempo pace Mike Krzyzewski is ready to unleash again. All of it adds up to what should be a very impressive season.

If Duke is going to succeed, though, it'll need the interior play of Mason and Miles Plumlee to be a factor. Whether or not the Plumlees can transition into major roles is a wait-and-see proposition. But there's one thing for sure: they're athletic. Mason especially.

For evidence therein, see this Hoop Mixtape video of Mason Plumlee demonstrating said athleticism. Plumlee cuts to the rim on out of bounds play, receives a high lob from the inbounder, and ... well, you'll see. Plumlee's head ends up well above the rim. That's not something many humans can do.

Naturally, there's a major difference between doing this with no defense anywhere in sight -- summer league hoops, baby! -- and doing it with ACC defenders crawling all over you. Still, if Duke fans needed a reminder that the Brothers Plumlee can be the perfect post pieces in a new free-flowing and attacking Duke system, this is it. Wow.

(Hat tips: Chris Littmann, SB Nation's Andrew Sharp)