Tim Floyd says he'll 'take the high road'

When UTEP coach Tim Floyd last spoke extensively about his dealings with O.J. Mayo and athletic director Mike Garrett, Floyd said working under Garrett in the midst of scandal was so difficult for him that he had to resign.

He felt unsupported by his own boss even though he was "proud" of how USC conducted business regarding the recruitment of Mayo and would "absolutely" recruit Mayo again even though the episode ultimately led to the school's self-imposed sanctions.

When Garrett was replaced earlier this week by incoming president Max Nikias, Floyd told the Los Angeles Times that he'll "take the high road."

"I loved my experience at USC -- the facilities and the players -- and I wish Pat Haden nothing but the best.

"I know from my latest experience at UTEP how important it is to be supported by the athletic department. I value that and hope Pat Haden does that with his coaches and players at USC, it's a great place with a storied history. SC has some of the greatest athletes in this country, and they'll continue to get them regardless of who's sitting in that [athletic director's] seat."

Floyd said his bitter parting with Garrett "is past history. That's gone. It's over. I would hope the university the best. I wish him [Garrett] the best."

Also history is the idea that Mayo should be remembered for his one year at USC, as the school is disassociating itself by removing all images of him on campus.

And according to The Times, the men's basketball media guide will also be marked up with asterisks during the period of time when Mayo played for Floyd.

While Floyd wants to leave the past in the past and close the book on the Mayo chapter, so too does USC.