Brey promises sprints for arrested players

Thanks to the arrests of Tim Abromaitis and Eric Atkins -- along with 11 other Notre Dame athletes and 44 total people -- at an awesomely rowdy South Bend party Friday, Notre Dame coach Mike Brey has some decisions to make. How does he punish Abromaitis and Atkins? Do they deserve suspensions? Should they miss a few games in the fall? Or should the punishment be something more minor -- say, a few extra windsprints? (Given the nature of the crime -- partying in college -- I'd go with the latter. Then again, I'm not Mike Brey.)

Brey isn't saying. He's going to wait and see until the charges run their course and Notre Dame's Student Affairs office has their say. In the meantime, Abromaitis and Atkins do have some serious windsprints heading their way:

"We'll address it. I've been here 10 years and we've had young men put themselves in position to lose. We've had that talk. We talk about that as a team," Brey said. "So we'll deal with it as it runs its course. ... A lot of sweating will be involved. That's the one thing I can say specifically and then we'll handle it from there."

"Your tone is, 'I'm very disappointed.' And now it's got to run its process," he said.

So, yeah, the boys are going to be running a little bit. Hopefully that's the bulk of the punishment heading their way. One epic night shouldn't haunt you forever, bro. So valid.