Sadly, Matt Howard ditches his mustache

Butler center Matt Howard had quite a look in the 2009-10 NCAA tournament. His mustache was wispy and Larry Bird-esque. His hairstyle was long and unwieldy. It appeared as though Howard walked in to a salon, pointed to a photo of Adam Morrison, and let his stylist go to town. It was fabulous.

Alas, that stylish run is over. Howard revealed to Rivals.com that the famed mustache-hair combo has since been retired:

The 6-fot-8 senior forward also got his long hair cut short earlier this summer. Howard, a finance major, is spending the summer interning for Merrill Lynch in downtown Indianapolis, and he couldn't show up for work looking as if he'd stepped out of a John Mellencamp video from the "Scarecrow" era.

"If you looked the way I did that last game, I don't know if I'd condone anyone walking into an internship or a job like that,'' Howard said. "I had to make some changes."

Bummer, bro. It's always a shame to see a college buddy change his look for the sake of corporate acceptability. Fight the power, man! Don't let them put you into a box!

Lame college sentiment aside, perhaps Howard should consider bringing back the look for the upcoming season. After all, the facts are clear: With the mustache-hair combo, Butler ran through the NCAA tournament and was one possession away from winning the school's first national title. Correlation, causation, whatever. Why mess with scraggly success?