Drexel players surrender to police

The Philadelphia Daily News on Monday detailed the botched alleged robbery of a female Drexel University student by two Drexel men's basketball players. According to police, Jamie Harris and Kevin Phillip broke into a student's home waving guns and demanding money; when she said she had none, the two stole her iPhone and attempted to make their getaway. The incident was caught on tape, and the two players were fugitives as of Monday morning.

No more: Monday evening, the two players surrendered separately to police to face robbery, theft and conspiracy charges.

The basketball careers of the two players in question seem like vastly minor concerns. After all, Harris and Phillip will be focusing on avoiding extensive jail time, never mind getting back on the court in time for the 2010-11 season. Still, it's worth noting that Drexel has placed the students on interim suspension "pending the outcome of the investigation." Even if that suspension was lifted during the next few weeks, it's hard to see Drexel coach Bruiser Flint justifying Harris' and Phillip's return. Which means beyond facing a minor criminal crisis, Drexel is likely to enter -- and perhaps even finish -- the 2010-11 season without Harris, its returning team leader in points and assists.

Anyway, this is much bigger than hoops, which is why CAA Hoops' take on the matter is worth a read. If the charges are true, Harris and Phillips sacrificed much more than a basketball career.

In the meantime, Harris' attorney, Robert Lynch, told the Philadelphia Daily News that the "sources" of the investigation related to his client were "corrupt," though he declined to delineate specifics. Lynch said he looked forward to proving Harris' innocence in court.