Kentucky, now with more dribble-drive

Answering a fan's question on Twitter, Kentucky incoming freshman Terrence Jones wrote today that of all the things he's most looking forward to about being a Wildcat, it's playing in coach John Calipari's dribble-drive motion offense.

Players generally like the idea of seeing their play-making abilities accentuated in this attacking offense as do recruits, so they'll all be happy to hear what Calipari has in store for next season.

Calipari, speaking on a Lexy audio post yesterday, mentioned that due to the change in personnel on the team, the Big Blue Nation can expect to see even more of the dribble-drive and possibly a more extreme version of it.

"Right now, I'm spending my time trying to come up with ways that we're going to play the dribble-drive more than we did a year ago, but with this group. We got a left-hander on the team in Terrence Jones. How do we now put him in the right spots so he can do his best? How 'bout this is a team maybe we go with five-out...so that we have the true strength of our team?

"Where last year with DeMarcus [Cousins] and Patrick [Patterson] and Daniel [Orton], we had terrific players around the goal. We had to play that way. Now we do have some strong guys that are bigger players but maybe a little more perimeter-oriented, so I've got to figure that out. My time's got to be spent doing that."

The SEC and the rest of the nation can't say it wasn't warned, and in fact, anyone with a passport can get a glimpse of Kentucky's top recruiting class test-driving the dribble-drive.

Calipari, after all, has the benefit of extra practice days to implement the system after organizing a Canadian tour for the team next month.