Bob Huggins' summer injury tradition

Yesterday, the good news came. West Virginia coach Bob Huggins was released from a Las Vegas hospital.

As you likely know, Huggins spent five days in the hospital after breaking seven ribs in a coffee table-induced fall in his hotel room. Huggins was initially thought to have only broken four ribs, but his condition was slightly worse than that, and his stay was extended until Wednesday afternoon. Fortunately, though, Huggy Bear is reportedly doing OK. Like I said, good news.

Of course, this isn't the first time Huggins had suffered a mysterious injury in the offseason. Last June, Huggins showed up to a West Virginia charity event with two black eyes, which the coach (somewhat dubiously) claimed he got from stepping into the corner of a bathroom door late at night. One can't help but wonder if Huggins is trying to start his own summer injury tradition. Next year he'll dislocate his shoulder, and the year after that he'll go to an AAU tournament dressed like Cristiano Ronaldo. Can't you just picture Huggins in a soccer uniform, lunging forward with both feet in the air, before rolling over, fake-screaming, and grabbing his knee? Pretty surreal mental image, right? You're welcome.

It's either that, or Bob Huggins is competing in a secret underground fight club. Black eyes and broken ribs? Come on.

In all seriousness, though, it's good to know Huggins is well. Let's hope that tradition thing is just my dumb joke, and the big man avoids injury for years to come. Because broken ribs? Ouch. I totally would have cried.

Update: Somehow, I forgot to include Huggins' fall at a Charlotte, N.C. airport in May of 2008. Huggins spent a few days in the hospital then, too. The tradition is actually three years running, not two. And it's officially getting weird.