Jardine, Triche figure out new roles

The departure of Andy Rautins from last year's ruthlessly effective Syracuse backcourt leaves a big hole to fill. Who's going to fill it? The key names are no surprise: There's Scoop Jardine, Brandon Triche, Mookie Jones, as well as 6-foot-4 shooting guard Dion Waiters, the No. 2-ranked off-guard in the incoming class.

It's a bit of a tricky situation: Boeheim will likely want to find minutes for Waiters, but he also has two very capable and experienced guards in Jardine and Triche, both of whom played big minutes last year. Triche started at point guard. Jardine came off the bench. Both contributed in big ways.

What does Jardine think about all this? So glad you asked. Jardine thinks that by the time the season rolls around, Triche will move over to shooting guard, and he (Jardine) will assume point guard responsibilities. From an interview with Yahoo!'s Jason King:

“We were on the court together a lot last year,” Jardine said. “I know how to get him going and he knows how to get me going. It’s going to be a great backcourt."

The move makes sense. Jardine is more of a natural point guard, and it's not hard to picture Triche running off screens and hitting open shots at a high rate. Even if both players were identical, sometimes you have to throw positional rigidity out the window. Sometimes you need to put your best two players in your backcourt, even if some of their skills overlap. There's nothing wrong with a doubling down on combo guards. They're combo guards for a reason.

Anyway, throw in Waiters and Jones, and Scoop is absolutely right: That is going to be an awfully good backcourt.