DeMarcus Cousins misses going to class?

Former Kentucky star DeMarcus Cousins, who once famously remarked that an NCAA tournament game against Cornell is "not a spelling bee," misses going to Kentucky.

In fact, the one-and-done first-round NBA draft pick told reporters Thursday while back on campus for a John Calipari basketball camp that he misses Kentucky so much ...

"I wish I could just start going to classes again," Cousins said.

But the smile on his face immediately after saying it prompted one reporter to ask, "You mean really classes? Come on!"

"Nah," Cousins said, his chair tilting back as he and the reporters laughed.

Of course, Cousins is really no different than many former students whose fondest memories of the college lifestyle have little or nothing to do with what they might have learned inside a classroom. And even many who loved going to class have moved on from that stage of their lives as Cousins has.

Then again, while the comedic timing of this interview exchange was good, the guffaws also could be seen as ill-timed given recent revelations of Kentucky's low fall semester grades.

After the publication of that Lexington Herald-Leader report, Calipari himself responded by reassuring the Big Blue Nation of his "commitment to academics" with this statement:

"My job is to make sure there's growth academically and they're on line to graduate."