Louisville great loves the KFC Yum! Center

The KFC Yum! Center, future home of the Louisville Cardinals, opened its doors for a tour Thursday, showing off a nearly-finished downtown arena and practice court to some select hardhat-wearers.

Of course the place looks nice, considering the project cost $238 million. And despite the corporate name and departure from Freedom Hall, Louisville fans hope to eventually fall in love with the place.

Louisville Hall of Famer Mike Grosso apparently already has, and used all sorts of superlatives when describing the place during the tour, according to The Courier-Journal.

"There's nowhere in the country that any recruit is going to be able to walk out of here and think that there's a better facility."

Grosso played at Freedom Hall from 1968-70 -- an era in which that arena routinely hosted Final Fours and before the NCAA opted to take the last rounds of its showcase tournaments to domed football stadiums. "They took what we had at Freedom Hall and multiplied it by 100. It's just over the top," Grosso said.

And to WDRB-TV:

"This is just beyond anything anyone can imagine," says Grosso, "On a scale of one to ten, this is a twenty-five." Grosso, who is six foot nine inches tall, says after years of squeezing into his seat at Freedom Hall he hopes he finally has enough leg room in the new arena.