Pac-10 logo now coming to hoops jerseys

Pac-10 pride didn't exactly abound this season given the loss of NBA talent coming into the year, lack of quality non-conference wins, disappearance from the national rankings, and struggles in sending two teams to the NCAA tournament.

But players this coming season will be wearing Pac-10 pride on their jerseys in the form of the conference's new logo, commissioner Larry Scott told the Arizona Daily Star.

"You will see it on every football field this year and on every uniform in the Pac-10 this year in every sport," Scott said.

Oh, and don't forget basketball courts, too.

According to SI.com, the New York-based firm SME that Scott hired to look into the Pac-10's brand identity reported back to him that the conference lost out on value by not putting its logo on uniforms, fields and equipment.

Some of the findings probably sent palms crashing into foreheads in the Pac-10's Walnut Creek, Calif., office. Other leagues had required teams to wear conference patches on their uniforms and paint logos on their playing surfaces for more than a decade. How could the Pac-10 miss something so obvious? "Isn't that amazing? It's just so simple," [SME chairman Ed] O'Hara said. "But it's a loss of revenue of exposure."

That's why these days, the Pac-10 logo is seemingly everywhere -- like at a cocktail party in New York. The Los Angeles Daily News reported that at football media day in Pasadena, there was a 15-foot-high inflatable version of the thing.

And when the Pac-10 needed to make corrections on the questionable picture choices it made on the basketball page of it's new website? Well, it replaced those pictures with alternate images of the Pac-10 logo.