Mike Krzyzewski shows music appreciation

It's unclear what this means in terms of street cred for pop star Mike Posner, but the Duke graduate and Blue Devils basketball fan has the endorsement of coach Mike Krzyzewski in advance of Posner's album debut.

"Duke students are known for balancing their studies with extracurricular activities, but what Mike has done is really extraordinary," Krzyzewski said in a statement released by SIRIUS XM Radio.

Krzyzewski, who has given Posner school principal-type props before, got a good listen before every home game this season since it was Posner's tune that served as the team's intro music.

And Posner is not your average Duke fan. He told ESPN.com's Page 2 that he's close with Jon Scheyer and Nolan Smith and also apparently likes using Blue Devils references while discussing his craft.

I'm the biggest Wojo [Steve Wojciechowski] fan, because I feel like I'm the Wojo of the music industry. I work harder than everyone and that's how I get ahead even though no one thinks I can.

And to The Chronicle, Duke's student newspaper:

"I'm trying to shoot for the stars, right? I heard Coach K made [Brian] Zoubek watch tape of Tim Duncan because they were like, 'This is the best you can be.' So my Tim Duncan is Outkast."