Scottie Reynolds lands in Italy

We've discussed the strange draft gap -- whether real or imagined -- ad nauseum this offseason. Yeah, we get it, Eamonn: The NBA doesn't draft solely on college production, as baffling as that concept might be to your pea-sized brain. Get over it, loser. (You guys usually aren't that mean in the comments, but, well, sometimes ...)

Other than Luke Harangody, who did manage to find his way into the second round of the 2010 NBA draft, perhaps this year's greatest example of such a gap is Scottie Reynolds. Reynolds was an All-American at Villanova, a star for all four of his considerable years at the school, but when draft time rolled around, Reynolds was left out. He played a few weeks for the Phoenix Suns' summer-league team in the hopes of securing an NBA contract, but no cigar. The NBA doesn't want Scottie Reynolds. No matter how many times you see the same formula materialize, it's always a little jarring.

Guess who does want Reynolds, though: Italy. Which is why the guard signed an apparently lucrative guaranteed one-year contract to play for Prima Veroli, a second division team in Italy.

Reynolds may never make it to the NBA, but there are worse fates than this. The point guard will be getting paid to play professional basketball in a beautiful European country. However temporary -- and hopefully Reynolds will get another shot next summer -- I think that counts as a happy ending.