Arizona freshman's scary-sounding accident

Arizona guard Daniel Bejarano, ESPNU's No. 91-ranked incoming freshman, has a slightly hurt pinkie after a recent automobile crash and has been participating fully in basketball activities, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

According to the account of the crash that Bejarano provided last month in an interview with PointGuardU.com, he has to feel fortunate that his pinkie got the worst of it.

Bejarano said that he was driving his car when the steering wheel locked up. His car swerved off the road and flipped three to four times. The car landed upside down. Paramedics arrived and attended to Daniel. He was flown to Maricopa Hospital where he was treated and released. Thankfully he was wearing his seat belt and avoided any major injuries. Obviously Bejarano was shaken up after the accident.

"I'm just shocked I made it out alive," said Bejarano. "I want my fans to know that I'm okay and that I love everybody. I think my dad was watching over me." Bejarano is back home and says he is fine other than being sore and shaken up.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, incoming junior college transfer Jesse Perry was the second member of Sean Miller's recruiting class to get into a recent car accident. Perry emerged relatively unscathed as well.