Mike Krzyzewski won't dine in Chapel Hill

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski discussed eating out in public last week on the Dan Patrick Show, and from what was said, it appears Coach K has never made the short drive over to dine in rival territory.

"I've never been to Chapel Hill...ever, and never will.

"I just don't want to go to Chapel Hill...I'm glad people love living there. I'm not against anybody. I decided that I never want to go into Chapel Hill...I'm being adamant about my desire and passion not to do that.

"I'm certainly not going to have any privacy in Chapel Hill."

OK, so Coach K's idea of a nice night out isn't getting into conversations with North Carolina fans. But WRALSportsFan.com's Erin Summers, a North Carolina graduate, feels he's really missing out.

He's never felt the need to travel the eleven miles to the Hill and if he won't travel there then he can't eat at Top of the Hill, Crook's Corner, Mama Dips or any other Chapel Hill greats.

So maybe one of these places can set up a promotion. Bring a Coach K look-alike and your meal is half off. Bring the actual Coach K, and he has to buy a round for the house.