Fred Hoiberg's picture-perfect reunion

The love affair with Fred Hoiberg and subsequent honeymoon period for the hometown hero after coming back to coach at Iowa State is currently in full swing.

If one image can capture just how much Hoiberg means to the community, take a look at this WHO-TV video that includes an old photo of him during his playing days, holding a 2-year-old cancer patient named Zach Antle who's wearing the same Iowa State colors.

The hospital meeting lasted only about 10 minutes, but the photo was hung in Antle's home. Sixteen years later, the image was on display Tuesday when Antle was awarded a partial college scholarship at a Coaches vs. Cancer charity event and got to reunite with Hoiberg and shake his hand.

A pair of blonde central Iowans, together again.

"I do remember going to Blank Children's Hospital that day," says Hoiberg, "I don't remember exactly who I saw that day, but looking back in the picture it's just amazing to see Zach now healthy."

Hoiberg says Johnny Orr encouraged his players to make hospital visits and that he'll do the same with his.

Now 18 and recovered from cancer, Antle is ready to start his own college athletics career. He plans to be a kicker on the Grand View University football team.

And someday, Antle told the TV station, he hopes to be a coach, just like Hoiberg.