Ronald Nored already getting into coaching

There's something alluring about college basketball coaching. The allure is mostly felt by those who for whatever reason can't play (or can't play anymore); coaching is, by all accounts, the next best thing to actually being on the court.

So perhaps it's no surprise that Butler guard Ronald Nored is spending his stress fracture surgery-induced downtime this offseason doing a little coaching of his own. Nored is the head coach for an Indianapolis-area under-16 AAU team -- The Truth. According to the Star's David Woods, Nored is already more intense than his own coach, the preternaturally cool Brad Stevens.

Nored, the 20-year-old Bulldogs point guard, has not been so restrained when coaching a summer AAU team. There was the game he picked up two technicals and was ejected. Or the moment he called timeout just to applaud his players because he was so surprised they executed a play correctly.

Ejections in AAU games are not as infrequent as you'd imagine, but usually parents are the ones who find themselves being removed from the gym. But a coaching ejection? That's called dedication, people.

There's a reason for that dedication: Nored wants to become a coach once his playing days are over, whether as an assistant on Stevens' staff at Butler, or elsewhere.

"I don't think there's anything better than college basketball when you think about sports," Nored said. "Being a recruit, I've seen how the coaches recruit. As a player, I've seen it."

If he's willing to get kicked out of a game coaching 16-year-olds in summer league AAU ball, and he's this enthusiastic about staying in the game, who would bet against Nored to become one of college hoops' bright young coaches? First things first, though: The Butler Bulldogs' title chase. For now, Nored's coaching aspirations will have to wait.