Hacker invades Jim Calhoun conference call

Jim Calhoun just can't catch a news conference break.

Last year, Calhoun got into a heated tirade when an activist reporter asked him whether he would forfeit a portion of his salary to the state of Connecticut during the state's recession-era budget shortfall. Calhoun not-so-politely declined. Today, Calhoun had far more amusing, far less serious news conference issues when a prank caller invaded his conference call to ask him questions about guns, or something. From Adam Zagoria:

During the first Big East call of the season on Thursday, a caller who identified himself as Mike Marot of The Associated Press (who is a real person), asked UConn coach Jim Calhoun this gem.

“I just want to thank you for you and your players listening to the Kidd Chris Show out of Portland, Ore., KUFO. Appreciate that.

“Talk about the Kidd Chris Show. Do you guys have guns in the locker room anymore? I don’t know what that problem is. Was that any of your problems, or was that just Kidd Chris Show.”

“I’m sorry,” a baffled Calhoun responded.

“Uh, you heard me, coach. Just go ahead and answer it,” the caller said. “Coach, it’s the Kidd Chris Show out of Portland, Ore.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Calhoun said.

At that point, the call moderator figured out what was going on and went to Zagoria for his question. I have a question of my own, though, and it's not for Jim Calhoun. My question is for the prank caller: That's it? You spend the time and energy getting the call-in password for the Big East coaches' conference call (not exactly like breaking into Ft. Knox, but still) and the best you've got is a bunch of references to some radio show in Oregon and a quick crack about guns in the locker room. Topical! But seriously: Why waste everybody's time?

I don't ask for much, but I do ask this. If you're going to prank call Jim Calhoun (I don't really mind the notion of prank calls; coaches are big boys, and they can handle it) or any other college basketball coach, come up with something better. If not, leave the phone in your pocket. Deal?

Oh, and let's hope this wasn't actually the Kidd Chris Show (which apparently exists). Because dudes, no. Not funny. Better luck next time.